Palazzo Zacà

An ancient stately home with unspoilt charm, Palazzo Zacà is one of the most genuine examples of 18th century civil construction, owned by the family of the same name since the early 1900s.

The enchantment of this historic residence is a heritage that still has countless emotions in store for its guests. The preservation of its beautiful surroundings is, in fact, the result of valuable restoration and maintenance work undertaken over the decades.

The wraparound entrance hall that leads to the building also acts as a casket for the sumptuous staircase set into it: made entirely of marble, it leads to the building’s main floor and its rooms that are extraordinarily faithful to the linear elegance of the Art Nouveau style.

Spaces, those of Palazzo Zacà, in which the gaze is overwhelmed by the chromatic refinement of the ancient cement paste floors and the wonder of the paintings that adorn the large, luminous rooms.

On an axis with the portal, the garages open out into an internal garden, the true jewel of the structure and a small paradise that is wedged, as if set, into the heart of the residence. With its small chapel and avenues punctuated by ornamental columns, it embraces those who take a bite, inviting them to linger pleasantly amidst the sumptuous scents of citrus fruits and jasmine, making the palace one of the most charming dwellings in the historic centre.

The ancient Palazzo in Via Coppola

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The palace still retains all its splendour today thanks to the care and valuable restoration and maintenance work carried out over the years.