Home Chef

The discovery of our land revolves around a thousand beauties that fill the eyes and amaze the palate. To experience the delights of a cuisine rich in nuances that pay homage to the sea and the countryside, you won’t need to leave your room. With his Home Chef experience, Matteo Taurino will devote himself to your lunch or an unforgettable dinner, to be enjoyed surrounded by the walls of our historic residence.

Apulian Cooking Class

A complete experience is one that makes us part of a new world to explore. Experience the essence of Salento to the full: try your hand in our cooking classes and, together with Matilde, put your hands to pasta… literally! Mix water and flour, shape the dough, prepare your own seasoning and enjoy a moment of pure conviviality while savouring the excellent local products and wines!

Bike Tour

The best way to explore the surroundings of Gallipoli? A bike tour! If you are an adventurous spirit who knows no idleness even on holiday, strap on your two wheels and start pedalling: breathtaking landscapes, vivid sunsets and lush Mediterranean bushland views overlooking the sea await you. The light wind will refresh body and mind!

Yacht & Sea Tour

Why limit yourself to admiring the wonders of the city from its narrow streets? Change perspective: an extraordinary painting is waiting to be discovered directly from the sea. During your stay, choose our organised yacht or boat excursions and experience the cool, crystal-clear waters that wash over the old town or a sunset that embraces the spirit.

Yoga Morning

Amidst the wonders and tranquillity of our period palace, time passes slowly. Here, mind, body and spirit find their balance lulled by the sound of the sea waves and caressed by the cool breeze. At Palazzo Zacà, you can start your day with a morning yoga session: rediscover your inner harmony and savour every emotion of your holiday in Gallipoli to the full.

Fishing Day

From the shores of this islet, every day fishermen set sail for the deepest shades of our sea. Experience all the authenticity of a day’s fishing in Gallipoli and discover the secrets of an ancient and fascinating craft that, for centuries, has nourished its people with exquisite fruits and made them the custodians of a priceless treasure. The Fishing Day experience is designed for two people.